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Dietrich Eichel (WIP)

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Dietrich Eichel (WIP) Empty Dietrich Eichel (WIP)

Post by Ine on Wed Sep 12, 2012 12:57 am

I D E N T I T Y: The Inquisitor
Name: Dietrich Eichel
Age: 32
Appearance Age: 32
Birthday: May 10th, 1980
Gender: Male
Alignment: The Gray Council

P H Y S I C A L Attributes
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 163 lbs
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Blue with an outer ring of Gray
Physical Structure: An theletic structure, Dietrich is neither scrawny or muscle bound. Instead he has a very balanced healthy athletic look, similar to a runner.
Clothing & Style: Dietrich is known for his non-flashy style of dress and often times his less than alert seeming state. He often seems as if his mind is elsewhere and he does not even know what is going on around him. He often wears a pair of grey slacks with a black belt and a silver buckle. His shoes are a normal pair of black dress shoes that he wears with a pair of plain black socks. His shirts are a collection of darker colors ranger from blue to red to gray. Over everything he wears a long black coat that reaches down to under his knees. It has two pockets on the outside and a variety of self sewn pockets on the inside. Dietrich often leaves the coat unbuttoned and open. Lastly he wears a gray-white scarf around his neck that reaches down to his waist most of the time.

S O C I A L Mannerisms
Body Language: What do they display themselves like?
Speech Patterns: Do they have an accent?

P O S I T I V E Traits
  1. XXX: What
  2. XXX: is
  3. XXX: your
  4. XXX: character
  5. XXX: like?

  6. N E G A T I V E Traits
    1. XXX: Remember
    2. XXX: to
    3. XXX: have
    4. XXX: five
    5. XXX: each

    6. I N N E R POWER: The Tesseract
      Power of Ability: Aspect of Time and Space

      Dietrich’s ability with spatial and time magic could more accurately described as dimensional. Dietrich works within the four known dimensions, spatial and time. They are all actually intertwined for Dietrich and he can not affect one without affecting the others somehow. They way it works is in a set area of space Dietrich can warp either the dimensions of the space inside the area which in turn affects the time, or he can affect the time which in turn affects the space. One might think a benefit of only having to work in one to get an affect out, but the problem is that this side affect is more of a hindrance. For example is Dietrich tried to slow down an area to stop a bullet from hitting him the size he would be working with would be no larger than the bullet making it a difficult task.

      Roleplaying Sample
      H I S T O R Y

      L E G A C Y: XXXX Remember to put the different chapters in your Character's life into nice titles.

      RP Sample:
      Show us something displaying your role playing skill with this character.


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