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Post by Ine on Fri Sep 07, 2012 9:14 pm


Aspects are your powers in their most basic understanding. In the beginning you only start with one Aspect. An example would be an Aspect of Fire Manipulation, this would be an Aspect that allows you to manipulate fire and only fire. From here you could make a variety of techniques that are based upon this power. Throughout your time you will be able to apply for additional Aspects, how these are applied will vary from person to person. The first example would be our same character with Aspect of Fire Manipulation gains his second Aspect. Now he can either strengthen his Aspect of Fire Manipulation to Aspect of Fire Manipulation (II) or he could go for Aspect of Earth Manipulation. In case 1 his ability to manipulate fire becomes stronger and his techs based on that will become stronger too, he will also be allowed to do more with it. In case 2 he would be able to manipulate fire and earth equally strong, but he could also combine those powers and manipulate them into magma. These examples were done with elements, but aspects are not limited to this at all. The sky is the limit, within reason.

Direct, Mixed, and Gateway

Three categories organize the releases here on Sacred Oblivion. Each one is governed by various rules that make them unique from the other two types and allow various different applications of the same general power.

These powers have a built-in set of mechanics (rules that govern just what theydo). You are not permitted to form techniques off of this power like the other two types of releases—though you can typically get much more out of these than would be allowed of a technique under other circumstances.

These are much more open ended than Direct Powers and are the recommended power for players new to Bleach Gotei and its style of play. These allow you a simple built-in ability and you may also make further techniques based off of the release! Of course all of these techniques must make sense in regards to what your release actually does and as such will not be quite as broad as a Gateway Power.

The broadest of all categories in capacity these abilities do not possess any built-in mechanics. As such all functionality in combat must come from techniques. The purpose of the mechanization of a Gateway Power is to define the breadth so approvers know just what is and is not within your capacities. These are perhaps the most difficult of releases to use as a player as they require heavier reliance on techniques and their design.

Examples of Known Aspects

Below you will find some existing Aspects and what they can do.

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